Why Natural Product Brands Should Use Snapchat to Engage Millennials


Snapchat times are a-changing, and they’re changing quick. The platform that’s taken social media by storm is no longer just a place for teens to exchange real-time photos with friends – it’s now becoming a hub for brands to push out interactive content to their fans in new and exciting ways. Companies like Taco Bell, Smashburger, The New York Times, and even professional athletes have all found success on Snapchat, and natural product brands should use Snapchat all the same.

Need a little refresher on Snapchat and all it’s features? We’ve got you right here.

Natural product brands are becoming more and more popular each day among millennials, so becoming a part of the Snapchat community should be a no-brainer. Here are a few tips on how brands in the natural products industry can start using Snapchat to engage Gen Y:

Natural Product Brands Should Use Snapchat marketing

Don’t make picture perfect images:

One of the most interesting things about Snapchat is that it forces its users to send out photos and videos without the luxury of photoshop or too much editing. This creates a better sense of relationship between user and brand, and it’s definitely something companies should not be skipping out on. Followers look for the authenticity in the Snapchat stories they receive, and if a photo looks a little too perfect, they’ll know. Oh, they will know.

Spend time replying

Brands who take the time to interact with their followers through social media rarely go unnoticed, and Snapchat is just one more way to up those ratings. Whether that be starting conversations through live stories, or answering questions through direct messaging, any kind of organic interaction with fans has the potential to gain your brand some serious brownie points. These days, it’s all about the personality behind the business, and using it to cultivate meaningful relationships.

Sponsor a Celebrity/Influencer

A sure way natural product brands should use Snapchat to gain fans is by handing over your account to a well-known social media influencer. Take Wet Seal for example. In 2014, Wet Seal gave full control of their Snapchat account to Meghan Hughes, a 16 year-old beauty vlogger with thousands of social media followers. Over the course of one weekend, Meghan was able to gain 9,000 new Snapchat followers and 6,000 views of the story. This was all because she tapped into her loyal fan base, while promoting a certain brand. Numbers don’t lie, people, Snapchat influencers are the real deal.

Focus on timely content

“We’ve got nothin’ but time” is not a term widely used for Snapchat. It’s the complete opposite, in fact. Once a story is out for your followers to see, it’s only available for a short 24 hours, so it’s best to take advantage of that. Posting content such as discount codes or a behind-the-scenes look at things you wouldn’t get anywhere else is a great tool to engage your fans and keep them coming back for more. There’s no sense of urgency like time-sensitive social media opportunities.

Although Snapchat may not seem like the best platform for every brand, it sure is worth a try given all the unique ways it is able to engage your followers. Snapchat is on the rise, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere any time soon. It may seem a little out of character, but natural product brands should use Snapchat if they are set on marketing to millennials.

It’s all about capturing attention, and for the time being, Snapchat is where millennial attention is at.

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