Harness the Power of Facebook Advertising for Holiday Marketing


Feel a little late in the year to start a holiday marketing campaign? You might be surprised at how many people leave planning to the last minute. Whether you’ve developed a strategy or not, procrastinating on execution can result in fewer options at hand.

That’s where the power of holiday marketing comes in. Even now. And with Facebook advertising, you can have your message or sale in front of potential customers in a matter of minutes.

facebook advertising holiday campaign

Make use of new Google geographical metrics

Google analytics have recently unveiled new geographical and distance metrics. They can tell you where shoppers were when they first searched for an item and pinpoint how far they were from the store they visited to make a purchase.

This level of detail can be extremely useful and can help you plan a targeted and successful social media campaign. For instance, as Google suggests, you could set your ads – Facebook ads or otherwise – to appear when a user is logged on within a certain radius of your store. Don’t own a store? Pinpoint the areas your goods are widely available and target that spot.

The resulting Facebook advertising campaign could include offering a special offer to people in close proximity to your boundaries. Which, in turn could result in more sales achieved.

Facebook Advertising metrics come from billions

Facebook has data on nearly two billion users. If you’re unsure who your target audience should be, consult Facebook. The social media site is hugely popular all around the globe and your customers spend nearly an hour on it a day. It can assess and analyze your existing custom audience through its own demographics, page preferences and personal content.

Then, with Facebook’s help, you can match your target audience for your Facebook ad campaign, to the profile of your best existing customers. Combine this with some geography and no matter how close to Christmas it is, you’re sure to reach and impress the right people.facebook advertising agency

Get the details right

While it’s all well and good targeting the right audience, you’ve also got to make them stop, look, read, click, and – most importantly – buy. To achieve this there are a few steps you can take:

  • Make your ad stand out with eye-catching visuals
  • Use the right colors
  • Keep your on-ad messaging engaging but concise and to the point
  • Don’t try to be too clever – save that for the details on your site
  • Keep a tight handle on your ad spend

There are lots of ways to grab potential customers’ attention, but, if you include images and wording that’s even just a little off, chances are you won’t achieve the conversion rate you’re looking for. Although the holidays are close, you still have enough time to focus on getting all the details right. Remember the old adage ‘more haste, less speed’ and take it to heart.

Just focus on the audience you need to reach and what you want to achieve. That should help keep your ad engaging, informative and clickable. If you can do that, your holiday sales numbers should see a nice little uptick.

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