Get More Organic Facebook Engagement with Groups


By now, you’ve likely experienced how hard it is to get more organic Facebook engagement. You’ve spent a lot of time and money growing your following, and now your posts reach only a fraction of your audience. Well, it can be hard to ensure all your social media followers see everything you post without a decent sized paid boost.

There is one method to get more organic Facebook engagement with your most loyal fans.

If you create a Facebook Group and get your followers to join, the problem of organic reach disappears. While Facebook fiddles with its newsfeed algorithm in ways marketers can’t predict, within a Facebook group, those rules don’t apply. 

Facebook Groups See Everything

Facebook Groups are a closed community of people who want to know and share details about the same things. The group’s creator is responsible as the admin of that group – meaning you’ll need to grant permission to those who want to join it.

But, once you’ve done that, every single one of your group members will see and also get notifications of every post, picture and comment that’s added to that group’s newsfeed.

No more worrying about spamming some followers while barely interacting with others. You’ll know that what you or other group members post, will be seen, just like you’d intended.

Of course, you might not want to allow every group member the opportunity to share posts in the feed. Luckily, you don’t have to.

As the administrator of the group, you can set it so any post has to be approved by your team before it’s added to the group’s newsfeed. As admin you can also remove comments that aren’t appropriate.

Creating a Facebook Group is Simple

The creation of a Facebook group is pretty straight forward. But, to create the right tone and feel for your group, it’s worth taking some time to select the right images and write the best description of what your group is about.

Once you’ve gone through getting your group up and running, you’ll need some members. If you already have a healthy Facebook following, you can invite them to join your group through a promoted post.

Having a closed group is a bit like an exclusive club. People aren’t always sure what’s going on in there, but they want to find out. Use that natural curiosity in your favor. Combine Facebook profiling with your own target audience preferences and invite users who fit to join. You might be surprised at how many take you up on it.

Get More Organic Facebook Engagement with Groups

Once you’ve got a captive audience who will see everything you post, make sure you’re only posting top quality content, different from your normal Facebook Page content.

While you want to keep your profile active, you don’t need to update your group’s feed or add something to it every hour. Provided all your content is engaging, looks good and relevant, your group members will be happy to wait a while to read or watch it. In some cases, it can work better as people don’t feel they’re being pressured to read something about your brand, product or service, all the time.

Facebook gives you the potential to reach over a 1.5 billion people; you just need the right tools and strategy to achieve that high engagement.