Millennial Marketing for the Win: Blue Bear Creative Named as Top Social Media Agency for 2017


top social media agency

Is it too late to say New Year, New Us?  We’re thrilled to announce that Blue Bear Creative has recently been designated a Top Social Media Agency of 2017 by both UpCity and Both Clutch and UpCity help businesses find the best digital marketing agencies, so business owners can get the services they need from a provider they trust.

UpCity provides a comprehensive local inbound marketing platform to help digital marketing agencies scale SEO, local and social marketing services.  Their Top Agency marketplace is designed to serve as a resource for small and medium sized businesses to use when in need of high-quality digital marketing.

Clutch is a B2B research firm in Washington D.C., specializing in helping businesses connect with agencies and software solutions in order to overall enhance these businesses and help them meet their goals.

They do so through reviewing consumer feedback, services offered, and work quality.  It means a lot to us that they’ve awarded us these titles, and because of that, we also wanted to say “Thank You” to our clients.

2017 top social media agency

Thank you for trusting us with being on the front lines of your business.  We’ve had a blast planning and executing brand campaigns, creating targeted content, and connecting with your audiences.

Marketing to millennials can be challenging at times, cue cliché: it takes one to know one.  But it’s true.

We don’t just stray away, but we outright reject traditional “try-too-hard” marketing.  We like to see ourselves or our friends in a product, and we’re much more likely to remember watching a funny Snapchat story than we are a commercial.

We understand the power of social media marketing, and we’re excited to be acknowledged as a Top Social Media Agency by UpCity and a Top Company by Clutch for our work in this area.  Thanks again to our clients for working with us and sharing in this success.