How to Give Admin Access to Facebook Business Manager: Guide


To give Admin Access to Facebook Business Manager (in addition to controlling or granting different levels of access to any other assets under your Business Manager), sign into your Facebook Business Manager at

*Note: You must already be an Admin yourself in order to give another person or partner Admin access to your Facebook Business Manager account.

Step 1: Navigate your way to “Business Settings” within your Facebook Business Manager.

To get there, click on the dropdown menu at the top left of your Facebook Business Manager home page.

How to Give Admin Access to Facebook Business Manager Step 1

This will bring up a shortened menu of options within your Business Manager.

Sometimes, the “Business Settings” option is not listed in this shortened dropdown menu; in which case, hover over the “All Tools” link to bring up the full list of menu items (GIF below) – then click on the “Business Settings” link at the far right of the menu.

Business Manager Dropdown Menu

Step 2: In Business Settings, within the Users > People section, click the “+ Add” button to Give Access to Your Facebook Business Manager.

Adding People in Settings to Facebook Business Manager

This will bring up a pop-up form where you can add people by email. If you’re working with our social media agency, add Alex’s work email in the “Enter Email Addresses” section. To provide Admin access, make sure the “Admin access” setting (shown below) is switched to “On”.

Give Admin Access to Facebook Business Manager Step 4

*Important Note: This setting will give full control of your entire Business Manager to whomever you’re giving Admin access to, (including payment methods, Page permission settings, Access/Permission settings for Facebook Business Manager, etc.). In other words, make sure you fully trust (or have a binding contract/NDA in place with) the person or partner you provide access to.

After these fields have been filled out and set to the appropriate options, click the “Next” button at the bottom of the pop-up:

Facebook Business Manager Next Button

On the next section of the form, you’ll have the option to provide varying levels access to specific Pages, Ad Accounts, etc. owned by your Facebook Business Manager.

If you’ve switched the “Admin access” option to “ON”, you don’t need to worry about providing additional access to specific assets within your Facebook Business Manager; (as noted above) your new Admin will have the ability to change, adjust and give themselves the appropriate permission settings to any asset within your Facebook Business Manager.

To complete the process and officially give Admin access to your Facebook Business Manager, click the “Invite” button called out in the screenshot below:

Facebook Business Manager Invite Button

Step 3: You’re Done!

Your new Admin will receive an invite at the email address you’ve entered, and once they click through the link within the email and sign into Facebook, the process is complete.

For questions, comments or concerns, drop up a note through our contact page or comment on this post, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

Disclaimer: Please use your best judgement in who and why you’d need to give Admin access to Facebook Business Manager. This blog post is only a guide on how to do this process, and is by no means a recommendation to do so in all situations.