The Reason

Behind Blue Bear

And Why We Target Millennials

When we founded Blue Bear in 2014, our goal was to rid the world of marketing that made people say, “Wow, that was just awful.” It just so happened most of those marketing messages were directed at our generation – which is how we knew these companies’ efforts to attract us as consumers, were actually having the opposite effect. We’ve since gathered some of the best Instagramming, Snapchatting, Facebooking, YouTubing millennials we could to craft daily content for brands that strikes a chord with Gen Y’ers. To all the inferior social media marketing still going on out there, Blue Bear is coming for you.

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Why Millennials?

The short answer? Because that’s who we are and understand best. When trying to attract millennial consumers, our strength is the ability to relate with millennial culture, helping us convey brand stories that resonate with our generation.

Different Consumers

Coming of age during the great recession has shaped Generation Y and the way we spend money. We feel the need to be informed before making purchasing decisions, using social media as a method of first discovery via brand accounts and validation from others.

Generation Share

What makes millennials such a valuable demographic isn’t just spending power, but their attitude toward sharing great content. Gen Y’ers have grown up with social media and are the trailblazers in harnessing its power to share information with peers, siblings, and parents.

Always Connected

And yet, millennial consumers are so difficult to connect with. They’ve grown up alongside the rise of the internet and have seen everything. While millennials aren’t known for their hard skills, they have a knack for sniffing out phony messages from brands.

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Starting by understanding the ins and outs of your brand, we reverse engineer our content, with the end goal in mind of making something people like us would enjoy engaging with on social media.

Meet The Squad

The Creatives Behind Blue Bear

Young, hungry, and ready to fight tooth and nail for your brand, here are a few millennials in charge of crafting shareworthy social media content, strategizing new and unique campaigns, and building communities around companies just like yours:

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