Our Role

EMPACT Bars social media || website design || photography || influencer engagement || brand development

The Gist

Bring A New Brand to Market in the Digital Space

Launched in June 2016, EMPACT Bars is just as set on empowering women to achieve their goals as it is on bringing healthy, delicious, all-natural protein bars (unapologetically made for the ladies) to the crowded bar aisle.

They came to us with beautifully-designed packaging, a killer product, and a passionate team ready to kick things off with a bang. Our job? Develop a relatable brand voice and personality true to the company's values, build a responsive website, and create original visual and written content for EMPACT Bars social media channels to engage their ideal community.

Empower + Impact

We first set out to develop a site that both empowers and inspires a community of goal-driven women, integrates tactics to stay in front of potential consumers, showcases the brand and products, and seamlessly moves shoppers through the purchasing journey.

Gettin' Social

Starting from scratch, we were tasked with developing EMPACT Bars social media presence and creating an empowering and relatable space for their brand to make its debut and grow. Through original photography, copy, influencer engagement, and community management, we illustrate moments in life where where EMPACT bars are there to fuel the inner goal digger in every woman.

Social Visuals

Ready to create a memorable presence for EMPACT on social media, we knew capturing vibrant, attention-grabbing lifestyle and product-focused visuals was a must. Our team both develops and executes on the creative direction, photography, post production and messaging of EMPACT's original imagery on social media - continually progressing the brand's vibe and brand personality.

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Influencer Engagement

We tapped into an engaged group of micro-influencers, all of which had audiences part of a tight-knit community resembling EMPACT's ideal consumer. The result? We were able to spearhead even more relevant and fresh content, while also extending EMPACT's reach, branding and messaging across both owned and earned social channels.

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