Lavilin’s story begins over 40 years ago, when a group of scientists began experimenting with naturally-derived ingredients to create a long-lasting deodorant that would help combat body odor for soldiers living in close quarters. It turns out, they knew a thing or two about the benefits of neutralizing the root cause of body odor (rather than merely masking it), and how to do so without the use of harsh, pore-clogging ingredients like aluminum that eliminate sweating—one of our body’s most efficient and effective ways of detoxing.

It Also just so happens...

Millennials love do-good, health-conscious, transparent companies.

Our Role

Lavilin knows their stuff when it comes to formulating aluminum-free deodorants that actually work—a much bigger feat than it may sound (seriously, ask your all-natural buddy about their quest for aluminum-free deodorants). After being in business for over 40 years, however, sometimes a few cobwebs pop up that need to be dusted offThis is where we stepped in.

Website Overhaul

We built a new website from scratch that encompassed the modern, yet classic feel of the Lavilin brand.

PR & Social Media

Provided insight, strategy, content curation, graphic design and execution for PR efforts and social media channels.

Video Production

There’s no better way to capture and get across the essence of a brand’s story and personality than through video .

Product Photography

We captured the unique feel of Lavilin’s classic packaging in order to highlight it in a way that millennials can connect with.

Straight From The Brand

“Blue Bear has made the Lavilin brand relevant to millennials. From social media management and promotional video creation, to a complete overhaul of the Lavilin website, Blue Bear has armed us with new tools to better connect with our customers.  We continue to be impressed with the creativity and hard work that goes into each marketing project!”

—Ron Gershoni, CEO, Lavilin

A Glance At Our Work

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